PW3 is an experimental music project featuring current members of and past contributors to seminal indie rock outfits such as The Apples in Stereo and Neutral Milk Hotel. Showing influences as wide-ranging as James Brown, Sun Ra, Sonic Youth, and Indonesian gamelan, the music of PW3 morphs from sublimely orchestrated horns to waves of guitar feedback.

PW3 performed at the 1999 CMJ music festival in New York and has been nominated by Denver's independent newspaper for five consecutive years as one of the city's best jazz bands.

"PW3 aren't bound by any kind of genre considerations; instead, they riff off a freedom to do whatever they please by sometimes slowing down for truly cool, free-range jazz provocations or cranking up for distortion-laden, driving instrumentals."
     -- Laura Bond, Westword music editor

"Perry Weissman 3 specializes in instrumentals that defy expectations in the most appealing manner imaginable."